China Refuses Waste

Our GEE system was developed for non-recyclable plastics in order to create local power and eliminate transportation and landfill costs. The Chinese have decided waste is killing their environment and people.

The Next Gen pyrolysis system can provide cost savings, an income stream for those cities, companies and countries in need of reducing waste problems.

The system supports clean recovery of valuable e-waste materials. Owners can manage recovery without sending material overseas.

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China and Plastic

We have been contacted several times recently as the Chinese work to clean up their environment. Our system will turn the plastic into clean gas or electricity while saving the logistical costs of shipping to China.

Consider keeping it in the US and making a return.

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We have had several firms ask about how we can help now that they have had to review their waste policy.

One noted that they had not done an economic evaluation for some time. They incur cost of shipping product to the coast and then to China and other markets. All in cost and return was higher than expected. CO2 was higher than expected.

In our discussions we noted our system can handle bromines in e-waste. It has always been an issue with other systems…..thus the waste ended up in villages around the world creating major health issues. Our tests have shown we can recover nearly all the precious metals. This can provide a higher return and a quicker return.

Instead of waste-to-energy it’s waste-to-return.

We are ready to discuss these issues at any time.

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Everyone wants clean renewable energy, but have had a tough time finding a system that meets their needs.  We also went through that process.  We met with a large number of firms that had designed and built gasifiers, pyrolysis systems, plasma systems and incinerators.

This included several meetings with the top Chinese scientists seeking solutions for their environmental problems.  They clearly noted never buy an incinerator unless you have to.

Our Next Generation pyrolysis system has solved the tough issues we found.  1. It solves the maintenance issues of tar and oil creation with the three descending reactors and the patented tar cracker. 2. Since it is a true pyrolysis system it creates no dioxins and furans. 3. It has successfully tested over 300 feedstocks. MSW, biomass, agriculture waste, tires, auto shredder waste, e-waste etc.  4. It has been vetted by several independent engineering firms and insurance firms.  We can offer performance guarantees  on the system. 5. The modular design provides ease of construction plus the ability to add to the system and support modules for different materials for the best economic returns. 6. The system operation provides 24/7 baseline power. It works well with a power park as it supports both wind and solar.

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